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Speed: 20 t/min 200 t/min {{speed}} t/min


WebQRQ Callsign Game

– An homage to Rufz and QRQ

Start the game by pressing the play button. The game will send a random callsign at the speed chosen on the slider. Enter the callsign you read and press enter. If the callsign was correct, the call will show up in green in the "given" field in green and the speed will be increased by one character per minute (or 1/5 words per minute). If wrong, the speed will remain the same and the callsign in given will be in red. After that, it will pick a new random callsign and send it.

Pressing the repeat button, F6 or ESC repeats the call.

Callsigns are taken from our log from CQWW SSB 2017 at SK0UX/SJ0X.

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